Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/13

They're all around me, Lord!
They're everywhere!

Good people, fine people: all around me:
folks who care for others, selflessly,
with not a hint of complaint,
no expectation of reward...

So many good people, Lord,
who find their joy in giving,
who work behind the scenes,
who do the tasks that others won't...

Good people, Lord:
already busy on their own
and yet they find the time
to reach to those in need...

Generous people, Lord,
whose very presence is a gift
and makes a difference
- long after they've gone home...

They're all around me, Lord -
good people everywhere -
and I'm grateful just to know them
and for all they give and do...

So, open my heart today, Lord
and help me be a helper;
open my eyes to those in need
and make of me a ready, cheerful giver...

They're all around me, Lord!
They're everywhere -
and for this I give you thanks and praise!


This might be a good time to pause and thank God
for all the good people in your life
who have loved you and helped you...


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