Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 10/6

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I was at a meeting I didn't want to be at,
discussing issues I didn't want to talk about
when a colleague made a comment
spoken to another,
not to me...

But my colleague's words flowed, flooded,
gushed and rushed like blood
into my heart
through an artery unblocked,
of a sudden free and open,
cleared by God's sweet grace...

And later, I paused to pray... 

How many worries, fears and distractions
block my heart's arterial doors?

How often, Lord, does my self-interest
check your gentle, graced approach
to fill me with your grace?

In how many ways
do I clog the pathways to my soul,
congesting all the veins that thirst
for your pure grace to flow
and fill my heart with hope,
with trust, with spirit fresh,
renewed, brought back to life?

Flush out what plugs the chambers,
the channels to my heart
and flood me with the grace
that buoys me up til I inhale
again and deeply
your Spirit's sweet, clear breath...

When I least expect you, Lord:
come flood and flush my heart with grace...


I believe that moments like the one at my meeting
come fast and furious, all the time,
and that I may, more often than not, miss them.
I don't believe God ever abandons me - or you -
but I'm sure that I often miss the Lord's approach
when I'm congested and consumed 
by my worries, fears and troubles...

Perhaps you know of what I speak
and if you do, 
pray with me to be open,
to be opened,
to all the Lord is offering...


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