A Blogging Pastor's Thanksgiving Day Prayer

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Today I thank God
for the gift of faith:
   that strength, power and source within
   showing me the way,
   guiding me in the dark,
   giving me light for finding the truth
   making sure my unsteady step
   and offering hope in troubled times...

Today I thank God
for the gift of the Church:
   that wounded, rag-tag, joyful company
   of sinners and saints
   whose faith is our strength,
   and binds us together in Christ...

Today I thank God
for the people around me,
beside, behind and before me:
   who gave me life,
   who shaped my life;
   who bring me joy today
   and hope to face tomorrow...

Today I thank God for the simple tools
I've been given for doing his work:
   wonder, wits, wisdom, words and witness -
   though not always in that order!

Today I thank God for you, my readers:
   aliased, named or anonymous,
   commenting, "liking," sharing or silent;
you're solidly more than half of a work
that brings me more joy than you know...

For being there, reading and commenting,
for "liking," sharing and forwarding,
for coming back again and again:
I thank my God for you!

May God bless you and yours this day!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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