Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 11/5

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so many people need a break...

- folks who've lost homes and water and food
and all that they loved and claimed as their own:
their treasured possessions, the memories they held...

- folks who bear loss and grief deep inside,
whose tears are a sign of the ache that throbs
in an empty place in their heart of hearts...

- folks who need rest from working too hard,
seldom, if ever, getting a chance
to relax, to rest and recoup...

- folks whose plates are always too full,
whose burdens are heavy and many,
who truly need help to cope and get by...

-folks who work hard at more than one job
and still come up short at the end of the month,
with the holidays just down the road...

- folks who are lonely, who long for a friend,
for a spouse, a companion, a neighbor,
for someone to talk to and walk by their side...

- folks who are ill, who've forgotten good health,
who are burdened with pain
and chronic illness that won't go away...

- folks who are suffering injustice,
who have no one to defend them,
who are always the least and the last...

- folks who are fearful and worried and anxious,
whose hope has grown thin,
who seek peace of mind and peace in their souls...

- folks who have tried and tried yet again
and haven't yet found what they're trying to find
and wonder now if ever they will...

So many people need a real break, Lord:
   smile on them in your kindness,
   grant them a time of respite from worry,
   lighten the burdens they carry,
   heal and ease the pain they bear,
   right the wrongs they suffer,
   comfort them in their grief,
   refresh and renew their resolve,
   deepen their hope and their trust,
   open their hearts to new love,
   help them get up and begin once again,
   grant them good rest and peaceful dreams...

And if in some way I might help,
if I can give someone a break:
give me the love of a selfless heart
to reach out and do what I can...

And when others offer to help me,
to give me the break that I need,
let me humbly welcome their gift of love
reaching out to give me a hand...

In so many ways we all need a break!

Be our strength and our help,
our guard and our guide
to open our hearts to your grace:
Lord, please - give us a break...



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