Monday Morning Offering: 3/7

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Sometimes I forget, Lord...

Sometimes I forget that people along my path
are just as fragile as I can sometimes be -
just as fragile and just as vulnerable...

When I look honestly to my past
I remember those who've been hurt or saddened
by my haste, my selfishness, my carelessness,
my pride, my anger, my resentment, my sins...

Many times I intended no harm
but my neglect and self-interest
bruised and burdened others nonetheless...

So, I offer you this Lenten morning, Lord,
the names and hearts
of those whom I have hurt and offended...

(Take some time to remember and name those people,
perhaps writing out their names,

lifting them up to the Lord in prayer...)

If there are ways for me to make amends, Lord,
show me how and give me the courage
to do what I need to do…

Give me a sensitive and forgiving heart, Lord
especially when my heart is stiff with hurt and anger...

Help me remember how much, how often,
how fully and how freely you've forgiven me...

If the times and ways for making peace have passed me by,
hear my prayer for those I've hurt
and find a way, Lord, to bring them healing
now beyond my reach...

Open my eyes and ears, my mind and heart
to those around me now
and make me more aware of their presence
and how my life touches theirs...

Nudge me, Lord, and give me the courage
to take the first step towards making peace
in my family, my neighborhood, at work and at school...

And give me the grace and courage I need, Lord,
to make peace between you and me...

Make me mindful, Lord,
of those whose paths cross mine today
and make me as gentle with them
as I would have them be with me...

Such is my prayer this morning, Lord
this night, this evening and all this week...


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