Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/8

your mercy is the key
to my freedom, my peace,
my pardon, my hope,
my future...

And like you, Lord,
I carry mercy in my pocket.
I hold a key for unlocking
hearts chained by my grudges,
hope held captive by my judgment
and relationships shackled by my resentments,
fettered by my stubbornness, cuffed by my pride,
and bound by my bias...

You never withhold your mercy from me, Lord:
you turn your key at my first prayer
of penance and contrition:
you unlock my heart
and set this captive free...

Help me then, Lord, to turn the key I carry,
to share the mercy that is mine to give
and so unlock what's in my power
to forgive and to let go...

Help me turn my key of mercy, Lord,
to open wide a path
to freedom, peace and pardon,
to hope and to a future
where your mercy is my key...


lent mercy 2016
This is another in a series of Lenten posts on mercy.


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