Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/16

I come to you, Lord,
with my heart sometimes ready
and sometimes not ready at all...

I come to you, Lord,
to trust you, love you and follow you;
to do what you ask of me
and go where you lead me
wherever that might be...

My worries and burdens, my problems
loom larger than life and back me into corners
where I can feel alone and wonder 
where you've brought me,
where you'll lead me...

And sometimes I even wonder 
if you're still with me...

I need a dream, Lord:
send me an angel, 
send me a message,
whisper a word in my heart 
and remind me:
Be not afraid... 

All day long and even in my sleep 
remind me
that with you I can face all things,
accept all things, 
endure all things...

Especially when my nights and days
are spun around and upside down;
when my sense of direction fails me;
when I fear the path I walk:
remind me then, Lord, to be not afraid
but to trust that with you by my side
I'm ready for whatever comes my way...

I come to you, Lord,
with a heart sometimes ready
and sometimes not ready at all...

Ready or not, Lord, here I come,
here I am
and here I stand
in need of your love and your strength...

Be with me, Lord, 
when I am in trouble;
be with me, Lord, 
I pray...

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