Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 7/17

It's Sunday, Lord - your day:
well, that's what folks call today:
the Lord's Day...

Of course, in reality, every day is yours:
every new day comes from you -
at least I know for certain
that new days aren't of my own making
- and I'm very grateful for every day
you add to my life...

So far, Lord, there have been just over
3600 Sundays in my life
but the number of the all days you've given me
is about 25,383...*

How have I spent the time you've given me?
How have I lived the days that have been mine?
How have I kept the Sabbath?
Have I treasured the difficult days
as I have the joyful days?
Have I been grateful for so many days?
And how will I spend today, Lord,
how will I spend your day?

For the gift of this new day
I'm grateful, Lord,
and I give you my thanks and praise...

May each new day you offer
find me in your love,
in your peace
and in your grace...


* You'll have to do your own math!


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