Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/12

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Some days, Lord
(and yesterday was one of them)
some days there seems to be just no end
to the calls, the questions, the meetings,
the tasks, the disappointments, the emails,
the demands, the complaints and the work...

But every day does, in fact,
come to an end
and though I take the day to my bed,
still night has power
to rock me to sleep, to rest
until morning light awakens me
and you are there
to walk with me another day...

Some days, Lord
(and yesterday was one of them)
I miss the ways you have my back,
prop me up, get me through,
steer me clear, take my hand
and lead and guide me
with your grace...

Today, Lord,
let me not miss a moment
of your presence, your peace
and your desire to be my strength,
to help me grow in love
'til I become the person
you created me to be...



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