Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 8/10

Photo by Mark Penta

Mark Penta, my favorite caricaturist, was in Truro yesterday and spent two hours on a dune at the shore, taking some beautiful photos.  As often happens, Mark's work inspires me to pray and share with you...
in but a few hours' time,
on the same shoreline canvas,
you paint your glory in nature's hues,
in subtle shades and shadows...

New masterpieces every day,
who knows how many times a day?
Photo by Mark Penta
You do this every day
with clouds, water, grass and sand -
and so, I wonder:
what of your beauty and glory
are you painting in my soul,
in my body, in my life
every day
and in what hues and tints
are you coloring my being
with your artistry divine?
Photo by Mark Penta
Make of me your canvas, Lord,
and let me take the time to find and see
your brushstrokes in my life,
day to day,
lest I miss the beauty of your work
that makes of me your own creation...


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