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Good morning, good God!

I have so much, Lord!
All my basic needs are provided for:
I have shelter and warmth, health care and medicine,
food and drink, clean water and power,
family and friends, satisfying work and compensation,
safety and security, freedom and liberty…

I have freedom to believe and worship and pray.
I have freedom to think and express my thoughts.
I have freedom to move about, to travel and explore.
I have freedom to join with others and freedom to stay apart.
I have freedom to love, to serve in love and to fall in love…

I have so much, Lord,
and above all, Lord, I have you…

I have your love and the promise of your peace.
I have your presence in my heart and in my prayer.
I have the wisdom of your Word in the scriptures
and the help of your grace in the sacraments…

I have the gift of your mercy, pardon for my sins.
I have power of your Spirit to strengthen and guide me.
I have the Church and communion with all who believe in you…

And I have Communion with you in the Eucharist,
in the gift of your Body and Blood,
offered in mercy, given in love, shared as a sacrifice of praise…

I have so much, Lord!

Perhaps it’s because I have so much
that I focus so much on what I don’t have…

Perhaps it's all I have in full
that makes me jealous
for what I might still lack…
Make me grateful, Lord, for all I have,
all I’ve been given, all I’ve received,
and all I have to share…

In light of all I have, help me see more clearly
what I truly need, not just what I want,
and help me balance what’s wanting
with what I have in hand...

And even as I pray, Lord,
the words, "Yeah, but..."
jump from my heart in defense of my hurt,
to plead my case for what I miss, what I want,
what I don't have...

And it's right there, Lord, that I need you
to help me see this truth:
if I fail to give thanks each day for all that I have
I may miss what I long for even when it comes,
when my prayer is answered and my hope fulfilled...
So, give me a grateful heart, Lord,
lest I lose myself in grief
for needs not met,
for pain within,
for healing yet to come…

Give me a grateful heart, Lord,
lest I lose sight of what abounds
while dwelling on what’s absent still…

Give me a grateful heart, Lord,
for all the simple gifts that mark me
blessed and rich in so many ways…

This morning, then, I offer you my praise and thanks
for all I have, for all you’ve given me,
for all I have to work with, for all that gives me comfort,
for all that sets me free, for all that brings me peace,
for all that gives me life and keeps me in your grace…

Give me a grateful heart, Lord, for all I have to share
with all whose paths cross mine
who may need from me a portion
of the gifts I take for granted…

Even in my need and want I know, Lord,
how much I have, how blessed I am...
Let my prayer remind me of your gifts
and make me grateful all this day
and through this week…



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