Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 9/20

Walden Pond: photo by Winslow Pettingell

The shadows of four visitors stretch along the shore of Walden Pond in Concord, MA. Though the pond's depth is always in flux, it's now at its lowest level since Henry David Thoreau first recorded its depth in 1846.  It's been a dry, dry, summer...

Sometimes, Lord, there's a drought in my soul,
draining my heart and my spirit
and leaving me dry, parched and thirsting
for a drink, a taste, a sip of the joy
of the water of life 
that flows from your grace...

The dryness scrapes my soul
and lays bare its barren shores athirst
for just a drop of that sweet joy for which I pine:
a taste of you, Lord,
to quench the longing deep within the well
my empty heart can be...

Send your rains, O Lord,
drenching downpours of your grace:
to wash my face and cleanse my heart,
to prime the well of my soul's depths,
to bathe my arid spirit's ache
in waters flowing from your heart -
sweet, refreshing waters
offering healing, peace and joy...

I lift a cup to you and pray
for just one drink, a taste, a sip
of life that's yours to give...



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