Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 9/2

Work is:
what I do and avoid,
love and hate,
need and ignore,
thrive on, put off,
look for, hide from,
want, reject,
relish, despise,
overdo, skip,
share, possess,
quit and begin...

Work has power:
to rule and free me,
weaken and strengthen me,
isolate and connect me,
distract and focus me,
hurt and heal me,
empty and fill me,
push and pull me
annoy and gratify me,
sap and energize me,
question and answer me...  
destroy and define me,
delight and sadden me
dispirit and lift me,
consume and develop me,
ruin and save me...

Lord, work is such a powerful force in my life:
help me see how work grows my faith
and enriches my soul
and how it weakens my spirit
and drains my faithfulness,,,

And when I've seen and understood
work's power in my life,
give me strength to grow
what frees and nurtures me
and courage to leave behind
what sways my will and drains my soul...

Help me understand work
as a gift not a burden,
a calling not a sentence,
a joy not a grief,
a way to offer service to you, Lord,
and to my neighbor who needs my help...


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