Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 9/3

Photo by DO'D

Children play everywhere, Lord,
and all the time,
from dawn to dusk and into the night...

How sad, as I grow older,
if I forget to play or how to play
or think that I've outgrown it...

Remind me, Lord, that play is food
for my heart and mind,
my body and my soul:
turn my heart to play
   when I'm heavy burdened...

tune my mind to a playful key
   when I'm serious and somber...

call my body out to play
   in any ways I'm able...

draw my soul to playful joy
   as your gracious Spirit leads me...
Play with me, Lord:
'til I lighten up,
'til I see the humor,
'til my heart is smiling,
'til I'm up and at 'em,
'til I'm a child again
   in your Spirit's grace...


H/T to my good friend, DO'D, for the photo and
the inspiration for today's prayer... 


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