Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 9/22

Too easily and much too often, Lord,
I take you for granted...

I take for granted your Spirit,
always moving in my mind and heart
and stirring me to do what's right and true...

And when I do what's wrong and fail the truth
I often take for granted your mercy,
offered when I turn to seek your pardon...

I take for granted that you're always with me,
day and night, night and day:
before me, behind me, beside me...

I take for granted all the ways
your wisdom whispers in my thoughts
and your counsel echoes in my conscience,
moving me to live as your word calls me...

And I take for granted, Lord,
that though I've said a thousand times,
"I will!  I promise!  Really!"
you offer yet another chance
each time I fail to follow through...

I take for granted all the people in my life,
(each one a gift from you)
who hold me up when I'm bowed down,
who are my strength when I am weak,
who give me hope when times are hard,
who love me more than I deserve...

I take for granted that you always hear
my stumbling, mumbled prayer;
that you listen to my problems,
wipe my tears away
and share my every joy...

I take for granted that you love me as I am,
and wait, patiently, as I become
all you created me to be...

I take for granted, Lord,
your faithful and abiding generous love
and how there's no end to your kindness,
understanding and compassion...

And I take for granted, Lord,
how you never take me for granted...

Help me take these words to heart, Lord,
and never for a moment take for granted
the simple grace of living in your presence,
knowing that you love me
and trusting that you hear my every prayer...


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