Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/23

With yesterday's equinox,
Lord of all creation,
the summer of your grace gave way
to the autumn of a new grace...

And what, in my life,
might that new grace be?
Days begin to shorten and nighttimes lengthen,
day by day, night by longer night,
robbing us of daytime's light and warmth
until the winter bows
and hope of spring returns...

Lead me through life's changes, Lord,
as you walk me through the seasons' changes...

Help me treasure each day's light
as autumn sunsets swallow up the warmth...

Teach me patience with the seasons of creation
and the seasons of my life...

Let the falling leaves caress my steps
until the trees green once again
and peace returns to bless my mind and heart
with the grace of change,
the grace of that unfailing peace
that's only yours to give...



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