Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 9/6

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I know warm weather's still ahead, Lord,
but I also know what's in the air
and in the early sunsets and the cool evenings:
I know the season's changing...

I know that summer's getting ready
to bid us all farewell
and I know that fall is waiting
for her colorful debut...

Like many changes in life,
I'm not keen on this one, Lord.
I'm not keen on saying goodbye to what I've loved
to make room for what's next...

But I know I'm fickle, too.
There was a time when I was younger
when I preferred autumn to summer
and looked forward to an early nightfall
and rustling leaves underfoot -
but that was then and this is now
and the change just isn't easy...

Help me through this one, Lord,
as you've helped me through so many:
I've not a single reason to suspect
that you won't walk me through these days
until the chill of fall and warm sweaters
lead me to love the colors
you'll be splashing on the trees...

But change isn't easy, Lord -
I don't do it well alone -
so be with me through the season's change
and all the changes in my life...



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