A prayer for St. Francis day

St. Francis by Cyra R. Cancel

It's the feast of Saint Francis
and the words of his prayer are on my mind
and in my heart...

This morning, Lord, I come to you with Brother Francis
and offer you my prayer, shaped by his... 

 A musical setting of St Francis' prayer

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace... Where there is hatred, let me sow love... 

When politics tempt me to hate the other side,
when my envy delights in workplace intrigue,
when my thoughts walk the paths of anger's edge:
teach me to love as you have loved me... 

Where there is injury, pardon... 

When words cut sharp as knives,
when idle gossip tears apart,
when careless deeds wound deeply:
teach me to pardon and offer healing
as you have healed and pardoned me... 

Where there is despair, hope... 

Teach me, Lord, 
to hope when I'm unsure of many things,
to trust when I want so much to give up,
to believe when I'm confused and lost in doubt,
to share your truth and my hope in you
with those who struggle to trust in you... 

Where there is darkness, light... 

Teach me, Lord,
to trust in your light when I cannot find it,
to walk by your light when the shadows beckon,
to stand firm in your light when darkness threatens
and to share your light and its warmth
with all who seek it... 

Where there is sadness, joy... 

Lighten my heart with the gifts of your Spirit,
touch my heart's ache with the peace of your presence,
lift my heart's burdens and free me to share
the gift of your joy, the joy of your grace... 

O Divine Master... 

Help me find my peace
in making peace with others,
help me come to know your love
in learning to love those I know,
and let the needs of others' hearts
help me learn what I most need...

Teach me to give from my heart as your heart gives to me,
teach me to pardon others as freely as you forgive me
and deepen my faith
that in your dying 
I rise to life, 
forever with you...

With Brother Francis I offer this prayer, my God,
this morning, this day and all through the week ahead... 



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