Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 11/15

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Yesterday was a good day, Lord,
the whole day,
and I'm grateful for all it held
and for the people with whom I shared it...

And last night was a great night, Lord,
the second meeting of our parish men's group
with 21 guys sharing their experiences and thoughts
on the topic of prayer:
their efforts and struggles,
their questions and ideas,
their stories of prayer in the lives...

After locking up,
I found myself alone in the parking lot,
looking up to a clear, dark sky
with a huge moon aglow and brilliant:
I stood there and prayed,
I thanked you for the day now done
and for the men and the meeting
I'd just left...

Teach me to spend time looking up,
looking up at the end of every day, Lord,
looking up into the night sky,
looking up in thanks and praise
for the day behind, the night's embrace
and the promise of a new day
yet to dawn...



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