Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 12/28

A new year begins in just a few days
and I’m thinking, Lord,
about beginning 2017 as best I can
- and with your help…

If there’s one thing I’m sure of
it’s this:
I can’t count on myself
to make the changes I need to make
in my life.
Only with your help, Lord,
will I change and grow,
only with your help…

You are Lord of
freely given pardons,
second chances,
clean slates,
fresh starts
and new beginnings
- and I need all of the above
      as I begin a new year…

Most of all, Lord:
refresh and restore my hope
that, indeed, I can make
a new beginning, a fresh start,
and that you’ll give me
the second or second thousandth chance
I need to start again,
to live as I truly want to live,
to do what I truly want to do,
to love as I truly want to love,
to pray as I truly need to pray…

Don’t let my disappointment over
past, failed attempts
at pledging good intentions
keep me from trusting
that with your help
I can do, I can accomplish,
I can realilze my heart’s desires
and live in peace
according to your word…

So, make me modest in my promises
in the new year just ahead;
let my new beginning be reasonable,
my intentions pure and generous;
my efforts fueled by grace
and my success guaranteed by your grace…

Help me know, Lord, in my heart of hearts,
what you would have me gladly resolve
and follow through on 
in the year that looms ahead...

Sharpen my attention and my focus
and whatever else, Lord, 
I truly need to work on
in the twelve months just ahead…

Be the Lord of my new year
and help me live it a day at a time,
each day filled  with your mercy,
your freely given pardon
and all the second chances,
clean slates and fresh starts
that come from your gentle hand…

Hear my prayer today, Lord, at the end of 2016
and in the new year ready to commence,
a year of grace, a gift from you…

O Lord, Jesus Christ, you call me in your mercy
to your freely given  pardon,
second chances,
clean slates,
fresh starts
and new beginnings
- and for all this I give you thanks…

January 1 will be the day that you make, Lord:
bless us and keep us as a new year dawns
and I strive once again
to walk in your light, your love and your peace….



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  1. the key phrase is "the second or second thousandth chance"


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