Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/12

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So, I was just about to ask
if you remembered what we texted yesterday
and then I remembered
that your memory is a lot better than mine
and you certainly haven't forgotten
what we talked about...

Well, it's only a day later
and already I need your help again -
I'm tempted to try to go it alone again
but I know that if I do
I'll just mess up again...

So I need your help, Lord...

I need your presence
to remind me of your love
lest I isolate in fear...

I need your wisdom
in my thoughts
to keep me from my folly...

I need your strength
in my weakness
before I fail again...

I need your hand
to guide me
before I lose my way...

I need your Spirit's
steady grace
lest I stumble, lest I fall...

I need to work it out with you
and so I've come to you
in prayer...

Be with me in this moment
and keep me in your grace:
be with me, Lord, and help me,
be with me, Lord, I pray...



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