Word for the Weekend: Jan 15

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Behold the lamb of God!

The Christmas cycle is complete and this coming weekend finds us at the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time. (Are you looking for the First Sunday in Ordinary Time?  Take a look here to find it!)

Although we've been in the Year of Matthew since Advent began, this week's gospel comes from John (as is the case on this Second Sunday of the year in all three cycles of the lectionary).  These "Second Sunday gospels" continue to focus on manifestations of Jesus as the Christ and thus the change of seasons is softened.

The first lesson this weekend is from Isaiah, from his "servant songs" which Christians have long understood in terms of Christ, the Suffering Servant.  The second lesson introduces seven weeks of readings from 1 Corinthians.  This week's brief (one sentence!) passage is the opening salutation from this letter.

For the texts of this Sunday's scriptures and commentary on them, look here.  Are some young ones coming to Mass with you this Sunday?  Check here for hints on helping children prepare to hear the Word.


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