Monday Morning Offering: 2/6

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I’m thinking of the week ahead, Lord,
and wondering 'bout the ups and downs,
the twists and turns my path might take
this February,  the shortest of all months...

What joys will bring a smile to my face,
and lift my heart, reminding me again
that you’re my God, that you are near,
and that you hold me in your love?

Will I find that inner peace to strengthen me
when the road is steep, my step unsure
and I fear I’ve lost my way to you?

When my chin droops upon my chest,
remind me of the joy of good times past
and lift my face to yours, Lord…

Let no grace or gift from you escape my notice,
but rather:
open my eyes, my ears, my heart
to your presence and your peace,
all day, every day this week...

And I wonder:
what sorrow might come my way this month,
what worry weigh upon my mind,
what sadness cloud my sight, my trust, my hope...

If there comes a day or night, Lord, 
when I’m tempted to give up, to give in
to thoughts that threaten peace of mind and heart,
restore and strengthen all my trust in you…

If this wintry time takes me through a valley
dark in shadows cold,
shepherd me and guide me, Lord,
with your strong and outstretched arm
and hold me in the warmth of your embrace…

How many times this month, Lord,
will you come to me
in the lives and faces,
in the needs of those around me?
Will I recognize your face? 
Will I know it’s you who stands before me?
Will I tend and care for you in others
as I pray you tend and care for me through them?

Open my heart wide to your presence all around me:
make me generous in sharing
what I have and who I am
with those who cross my path,
wherever I might meet them…

What changes will come this month, Lord?
What choices will I need to make
and how will those decisions change my day,
my week, this year - indeed, my life?

What will surprise me this month, Lord?
What unexpected situations, twists and turns,
will sit me down or stand me on my head
as February shivers and unfolds before me?

Whatever comes my way, Lord,
remind me that there’s nothing
you and I can’t handle together:
you close by my side,
with your grace and help and mercy…

I’m thinking of the month ahead and I’m wondering, Lord:
how often will you call me to prayer?
how often will I hear you?
how often will I accept your invitation?

Will I make a place and a time each day
for us to meet, just the two of us:
a time to sit together, to share the peace of silence
a time for me to speak from my heart’s cares 
and fears and hopes and depths?
a time for me to listen for the word you speak
to help me walk in faith the path that’s mine,
the way that leads to you?

I’m thinking of the month ahead, Lord,
and hoping and praying 
I’ll be more faithful to you,
more constant in my prayer, 
more generous in my giving,
more loving and forgiving
in my words and in my deeds…

I’m thinking of the days ahead, Lord:
be with me through this week,
be with me day by day and night by night,
be with me one day at a time,
just one day at a time...

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