Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/7

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Oh, how easily, how quickly, Lord,
I let the smallest of things
upset me, trip me up,
throw me for a loop
and spoil my day...

I act, sometimes
and certainly too often
as if I expect my days, my life,
to be perfect
- and I allow myself
to be surprised by imperfections,
mine and others,
and by life's inevitable ups and downs,
ins and outs,
all things you'd think by this time
I'd accept as the norm
and not the exception...

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And if the small stuff can ruin a day,
how will I prepared for the times
when the big stuff comes my way -
real problems with real consequences -
how shall I deal with a boulder on my path
when I'm troubled and don't know what to do
with a pebble in my shoe?

Give me perspective, Lord,
and help me see my problems and difficulties
for what they truly are
and not what I imagine...

Give me perspective, Lord,
and wisdom to know the difference
between pebbles and boulders...

Give me the smarts, Lord,
to take the pebble from my shoe
and the wisdom to know
which way to take
to walk around the boulder...



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