Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/11

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There are days, Lord,
when I find myself deeply at peace
with you, with all around me
and even with my self
and for such days, Lord,
I am deeply,
deeply grateful...

Friday was one of those days...

But on such a day
I find myself in touch, too,
with others' problems and their pain,
their grief and their tears,
their fears and losses,
their troubled hearts...

On such a day I'm humbled,
embarrassed by serenity that's mine
when so many, near and far,
are desperate
for but a moment of such peace...

Teach me on these days, Lord,
to go gently with my neighbor
and to share as best I can
the peace I know within,
the serenity I've found...

And oh, for such days, Lord,
I am, indeed, deeply,
deeply grateful...



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