Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 3/7

I have a fairly good idea of what this day holds for me:
I know my daily routine,
I know what's on my schedule,
I know what I've planned...

What I don't know,
what I don't have a clue about,
are whatever surprises
may come my way today...

They might be small surprises
or big surprises
but I'm sure of this:
when my eyes and ears and heart are open
there's hardly a day goes by
without some surprise coming my way...

Of course, some surprises are welcome
and some -not so much...

Whatever surprises come my way today, Lord,
help me welcome them
as just some of the many twists and turns
each path must take,
each journey make,
each life must know...

Let me not miss those surprises
meant to bring me joy:
open my mind and my spirit
to the peace they bring...

And should there come a surprise
with sadness or tears,
give me strength to welcome it,
to accept it,
to take it into my heart
along with your grace and healing
and your promise to stay by my side
in good times and bad...

There's an opportunity to meet you, Lord,
in every surprise that comes my way today,
whatever those surprises may be...

surprise me, Lord,
and give me the grace
to be surprised!



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