Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 4/2

Detail from El descendimimiento by Roger van der Weyden

In the gospel for this Sunday
Jesus weeps at the death of his friend, Lazarus

You cried, too, Jesus,
just as we do
when touched by grief
and burdened with loss:
you wept at the death of your friend...

Even, perhaps especially, Lord,
are you like us in our weeping,
in that flow of tears
from deep within in the heart,
that never runs dry,
that well we tap in grief
and sometimes in our joy:
a well of tears
to soften the pain of hurt,
to flow when bliss is speechless...

You wept for love of your friend, Lord:
will you, would you
weep for me?

Do you weep with longing for my love
when my words and deeds fail yours?

Do you weep with consolation
when I run short of hope and trust?

Do you weep for me
when I weep tears of sadness
and when my happiness has only tears
to show how deep my joy can be?

Would you weep your healing tears
and let them fall upon my wounds,
upon the hurt in hearts of those I love?

Would you wash me, bathe me,
cleanse me
in a river of tears flowing
from your heart into mine? 

Would you let one tear from your eyes
fall upon my cheek,
anointing me with grace,
with the life that's only yours to give?

You wept for love of your friend, Lord:
will you, would you
weep for me?

You wept for your dear friend, Lord:
oh, how I pray you'd spare a tear
and weep like that for me...



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