I'm visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Georgetown Colorado.
A morning walk takes me across a small bridge over these rapids,
runoff from winter's snow in higher elevations...
"Springs of water, bless the Lord!"  (Daniel 3:77)

Thank you, Lord, for rushing streams
alive, your Spirit's power
flowing free in whitecapped glee,
rolling, tumbling, spilling over
seeking deeper waters,
downstream, far away...

Thank you, Lord, for melting snow,
the last of winter's frost and freeze
vanishing in spring's warm thaw
and giving up the ghost, a holy end,
a gift for all who cross this bridge
and stop to say a prayer...

Thank you, Lord, for time to walk,
to pause and ponder all your gifts,
for time to talk with you
and bare my soul,
to listen for your voice in waters
running swift with grace and joy...



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