Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 7/21

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In the cold of winter
I longed for your warmth, Lord,
and now that it's here -
I'm tempted to run from its embrace....

Dare I say your warmth
comes too late,
the heat of your presence comes to call
at an inconvenient time?

I dare not prefer the cold to your warmth
so teach me, Lord, to bask in your heat
whenever, however it envelops me...

Teach me to long for the burn of your presence,
searing and sealing me with your love
til my heart is tanned with the the warm glow,
the bronze hue, the touch 
of your branding hand...

Teach me, Lord, 
to soak in your love on any day,
your grace seeping deep inside
through the pores of my soul,
open and sweating the sweet anointing
of your heat, your warmth, your light...



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