Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 7/23

Today's Pause for Prayer is a musical offering - a song I'm sure you know and one I hope you like as much as I do.

no matter what's going in the world right now,
morning will break
and the sun that shone at the dawn of creation
will shine on me...

no matter what's going on in my life right now,
in my mind and heart, in my hopes and dreams,
morning will break
and the sun that warmed the earth when it began
will warm me today...

no matter how confused and anxious I might be today,
whatever my troubles and trials,
morning will break
and as sure as the sun does shine so surely
will you rise in my heart...

Mine is the sunlight, Lord, mine is the morning,
born of the one light Eden saw play;
I praise with elation, praise every morning
your recreation of a new day...



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