Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 8/26

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We hold in prayer all those who live
in the path of Hurricane Harvey...

As creation reveals your stormy power,
show us the strength of your mercy
and spare those whose fragile lives are threatened
by the wind, the rain and flooding..

We pray especially for all seeking shelter
in safer places,
forced to leave their homes behind..

And we pray for those who welcome them,
offering safety and comfort, a place to hide
til nature's fury dies...

And to those who stand among us,
called first to respond and serve the many,
send angels to protect them
as they step up to protect and serve us all...

And remind us all, Lord,
of how much we need to trust in you
and in those who serve as you served us:
fully, freely, no strings attached,
laying down your own life
that ours might be spared...

Be our refuge, our protection,
our shelter in the storms of life,
and save us, Lord,
that we might praise
and glorify your name...



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