Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 8/5

(On Friday a dear friend had two important prayers answered and her heart was filled with joy!  She shared that joy with me and so I'm sharing this day's pause for prayer with you - especially if you're still waiting for a prayer to be answered...)

I rejoice, Lord,
in every joy I've ever known!

I rejoice in joy forgotten
and in joy I tucked away
when I found joy too much to bear...

I rejoice in the joys of childhood:
in summer days and winter snows
long since lost to fading memory...

I rejoice in hope that lifted my soul
even if such hope remained just that,
my hope...

I rejoice in those who've loved me,
in every friend and stranger
who's crossed my path with kindness...

I rejoice in knowing, Lord,
that you desire joy within me
and serenity and peace
in my mind and heart and soul...

I rejoice in knowing
that when I'm worried, sad and fearful
your gift of joy awaits me
and, without fail, will come
- in your good time..

In everything I praise you, Lord,
and thank you for your love:
today's the day that you have made
and in it I rejoice...



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1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful prayer; thanks for sharing.


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