Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 5/17

Take, oh take me as I am...
the first line of one of my favorite songs,
part of my morning prayer, seven days a week...

Oh, would that I'd accept myself
   for who I am, Lord:
not because I'm perfect (that I'm not)
but because the broken, torn, imperfect me:
   is repaired daily by your skilled and healing hand;
   my tattered edges hemmed, mended and stitched
      by the thread of your mercy;
   my personal chaos sorted out by your wisdom,
      my life held together by the duct tape of your grace...

You take me as I am, Lord,
   not because I'm perfect (that I'm not)
but because each break, each tear, each breach
   bears the sign of your healing care...

You are always ready to repair me,
   to remake and recreate me
      in your image and likeness:
my scars and patches are the marks of your love,
   the signature of your divine artistry...

You take me as I am, O Lord,
   so help me accept my self,
      my mended and restored self:
I am a work in progress
   in your holy, healing hands...


Take Me As I Am



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