Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 5/31

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Especially when I can't stop the merry-go-round on my own, Lord:
   slow me down...

When my ears and mind, my heart and soul,
   when I am filled with noise, Lord, slow me down
      and show me a path to a quiet place...

When I'm standing still but moving at 60 on the inside
   - put the brakes on and bring me to a stop by your side
   to a place where I might hear my own breathing
        and the breath of your Spirit stirring in my soul...

Help me make enough time to find the calm,
   the quiet I need to hear the birds sing, the tide come in,
      the sun rise and the moon wax full in the skies above...

Let me find a time, Lord, for the rhythms of my life
   to slow down and rock me, not to sleep but to peace,
      to the serenity I know
         when I know I'm in your presence...

Let my prayer be for me
   a well of sweet water for my thirsty heart,
a place where I might daily draw and drink from its depths,
   to slake my thirst for what truly satisfies
      and gives me life...

Bring me to quiet places, Lord,
   wherever in my day they may be
and let me find the time to stop, to pause, to sit with you there
      to drink in the peace that's only yours to give...

Help me live in the day at hand,
   help me live in the hour, the moment that's mine,
trusting that this is the day, the hour, the time
   that you have made, Lord, and given to me...

Especially when I can't stop the merry-go-round on my own, Lord:
   help me slow me down...

Help me to be still
   and remember and know again
that you are my God, that you are near,
   that you are the still point in my turning world...



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