Monday Morning Offering: 6/4

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Just the basics today, Lord,
just the basics...

I offer you the day ahead
whether I'm dreading it
or looking forward to it:
may it be a day I look back on
in peace...

I offer you this day
because it's the one you've given me,
the one you'll walk with me
the day I want to walk with you...

I offer you, Lord, this day's burdens,
large and small, heavy and light,
and pray you'll help me carry them...

I offer you this day's mistakes
even before I make them:
help me avoid them
and, please, forgive me
should I make them...

I offer you this day's work, that it be fruitful;
this day's rest, that it be peaceful;
and this day's time, that it be blessed...

I offer you this day's smiles and joys
and pray you make sure
I don't miss even one of them...

I offer you this day's worries and fears,
real and imagined,
and pray you'll be my courage and strength...

I offer you this day's tears, Lord,
and pray you gently wipe them from my eyes
and heal my hurt...

I offer you every encounter I have this day
with colleagues, friends, family and strangers:
help me see and know you in everyone I meet...

I offer you this day's challenges,
the ones I expect and the ones that will surprise me:
be with me and help me in either case...

I offer you every opportunity I have today
to comfort and heal, to forgive and pardon
to lift up any who, in need,
reach out to me for help...

I offer you all the quick and quiet moments
when my mind and heart might turn to you
in praise, in need, in prayer...

I offer you what little I have, Lord,
and pray that I'll be open
to everything you offer me...

Just the basics today, Lord,
just the basics...



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