Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/5

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The truth
(at least from my perspective)
the truth is, Lord,
that you are unpredictable, inconsistent,
kind to some but not to others,
curiously unfair
and generally slow in returning calls...

Well, I did say that's how it seems
at least from my perspective...

But that is, often, just how it seems...

I never know just what you'll do next
or what you'll decline to do
- or if you really do much of anything at all!

Sometimes it seems you're right by my side
but at other times I just can't seem to find you,
it's like you've gone away...

I see your kindness everywhere I turn -
but I also see many who hunger and thirst
for just a sign of your love
in the midst of their pain,
their hardships and worries
   - it just seems so unfair, so often...

I pray, I ask, I plead -
but as I said,
you're slow to return my calls,
my emails and my texts...

Once again, Lord,
this is all from my perspective
and although it looks this way to me
   - I still believe...

I still believe
that you are perfect
in every possible way;
that you are faithful
in all your words and deeds;
that you never, for a moment,
forget my name or leave my side;
and that you're kind and generous
to all your sons and daughters...

I believe in you, Lord,
even when I don't understand you,
when I find it near impossible
to discern the mystery
of how you move and act in this world...

But from my perspective, Lord,
things sometimes look pretty much
upside down and inside out...

So, help me when I'm confused, Lord,
guide me when I'm lost,
reveal what I fail to see,
disclose how you move within me
until, even from my limited perspective,
I come to know you as you are:
my loving, generous, merciful God,
my Savior and Redeemer...



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