Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/29

 Lord, I doubt that anyone in Annapolis
woke up yesterday morning and thought,
"Hmm.. maybe it will be our turn today..."

But I'm beginning to wonder...

Is this how it is, Lord?
Is this how it's going to be?

Are we all, in our own cities and towns,
just waiting until it's "our turn,"
waiting for the day when the shots ring out
on our street?
at our  kids' school?
at our place of work?
in our house of worship?

I don't mean to sound morbid, Lord,
but the reality is grim:
too many guns
in too many places
on too many days
leaving too many dead,
grieving - and fearful
of waking up and wondering,
"Hmm.. maybe it will be our turn today..."

Help me, Lord - help all of us -
to be not afraid
and to trust in you that all shall be well,
that all shall be well,
that all manner of things
Shall. Be. Well.

Help us, Lord, to know what to do
to make things better, safer and more secure
for all - and sooner than later...

Help us know what to do about guns
and give us the courage
to do what should be done,
what must be done...

Help us identify the quietly violent among us
and learn how to reach them, heal them
and bring them to peace
with whatever rages inside them...

Help us turn away from violence
in our art and entertainment,
in our language and music -
as the solution to our problems...

(And while you're at it, Lord:
please heal me of any violence,
however slight, however subtle,
in my mind, in my thoughts
and deep within my soul...

Heal me of any rage or anger
lurking in my grudges, in my resentments
and in the petty, stupid squabbles
that distance and divide me from others
and from you...)

Help us all, Lord, with the help of your grace,
to shape and make a world where your peace reigns
and where, each morning, we might awake and wonder,
"Hmm... is today my chance, my turn,
to be an instrument of your peace?"


Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

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