Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/28

Lord, I'm just not sure how to handle the current political scene
or what to speak in this climate of accusation and judgment,
quick tempers exploding at a moment's notice
in harsh and hateful words,
breeding discord and division in families
and between friends and neighbors and colleagues...

It's near impossible to get to the truth of things
when so many are so resistant
to hearing anything beyond what they already believe...

Prejudice, stubborn bias and often ignorance
reign on on both sides, on every side,
and simplistic slogans substitute for substance
in debating complex issues...

The questions, hardly easy, don't admit of easy answers
and no amount of shouting
will resolve the mess we're in...

We need wisdom, Lord, to see beyond the bias
that clouds and blinds our vision...

We need deeper understanding
than what masquerades as insight...

We need counsel born of truth
not of our preconceived assumptions...

We need courage, first to seek the truth
and then to speak it humbly...

We need knowledge of your will
that we might do what you'd do, Lord...

We need greater, deeper reverence
for your rule on our decisions...

We need awe before your mystery
as we seek to love and serve you...

We need your Holy Spirit, Lord,
your Spirit's grace and gifts,
to help us do what's right and just
whatever be the cost...



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