Pause for Prayer: SATUDAY 6/9

I'm sometimes easily disappointed in myself, Lord:
   in what I do and fail to do;
   in what I say and don't say;
   in what I accomplish and what I never get around to...

You know my half-steps and mistakes better than I
   and yet you stay by my side, you love and forgive me;
you pick me up when I trip and fall and fail
   and you never tire of helping me begin again... 

Let me see in myself what you see, Lord:
   that I'm not a loser, that I'm your chosen;
that you love my every effort to live by your word,
   to take the next step and to do what you ask...

Keep me from stumbling over my smallest mistakes, Lord,
   and give me confidence born of my smallest victories;
keep me from making mountains out of molehills 
   and let me see, in even a hesitant step, a leap in faith towards you...


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