Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 6/10

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On an early morning walk
my steps took me from shade to sunlight
all the way down Main Street...

Left over from before dawn,
a 7 A.M. chill was still in the air
until each time I stepped from leafy shadows
into morning sunlight

and then the contrast was telling and  warming:
I could feel it on my bald head,
on my cheeks and, if I'm not mistaken, in my heart,
perhaps, even, within my soul...

In any season, Lord, my days are like this:
when a hint of your presence and the light of prayer
draw me from the shade of lazy doubts
and dark fears hobbling my gait,
when I step from my own shadows
into the luster of your presence
I'm reassured and sometimes challenged
but  much more often comforted
by the light and warmth of your being near,
of your walking by my side...

Get me up early, Lord,
rouse me from my own darkness
and shine with warmth around me
and within me, in my heart
and even in my soul...



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