Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 6/17

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Thank you, Lord,
for your many gifts in the week just past:
you were more than generous
in how and how often you blessed me
and certainly you were more generous
than I deserved...

And that's not to say it was an easy week, Lord!

You know well the work piled on my desk
and the issues and concerns
pressing on this pastor's mind and heart - but
in the midst of those things,
in spite of those things,
perhaps even because of those things
I found blessings from your hand
at every turn...

Which leads me, Lord, to thank you
for last week's greatest blessing: the grace
to recognize your many gifts
in the midst of fears and worries,
when my calendar's too full
and under the weight of burdens I know
will not easily slip from my shoulders...

For this grace, this blessing above all,
I give you thanks and praise!

Let me be bold then, Lord,
and pray for one more blessing:
give to so many I know,
so many troubled folks I know,
that same grace of recognizing
and receiving
your presence, your touch,
your mercy and compassion,
your grace and your gifts
when their days are dark,
their nights are long
and their hearts are heavy burdened...

Bless these souls, Lord,
especially when they feel
you've forgotten or abandoned them:
bless them and open their minds and hearts,
their ears, their eyes and their imaginations
to the gifts you have in store for them...

Bless them with your gifts
and with the grace to recognize, Lord,
that even in the hardest of times
you continue to bless us
in more ways that we can count,
more ways than we might know... 



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