Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 7/20

(Monday and Tuesday of this week found me in Manhattan, on a road trip with a friend to hear his son sing in "Broadway's Rising Stars" at the Town Hall Theater on West 43rd Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway.  In addition to the performance: a powerful visit to Ground Zero, dinner after the show at Tony's Di Napoli just off Times Square, breakfast the next morning at Jerry Seinfeld's TOM'S RESTAURANT and an afternoon walking around Greenwich Village and the NYU campus.  All of this became the inspiration for today's Pause for Prayer.)

Sometimes, Lord, I get a little down
when I think about being 71 years old
and I wonder, "How did I get to be this old?"

But then come days like Monday and Tuesday
and my road trip to New York City
and I remember that the simple joy of being with friends
and celebrating good times together -
well, such gifts don't fall from trees!

Such gifts are born of relationships,
friendships that take time, even decades,
to grow and mature and ripen
into moments of happiness and gratitude,
moments that make being 71
a joy in itself...

And so my prayer, Lord:
For all I have,
for all you've given me
and for all that's yet to be:
I thank you!

For Monday and Tuesday of this week
and for the years and experiences
that brought me to those days:
I thank you!

And for those gifts of love and friendship
waiting yet to blossom, to be harvested,
yet to be enjoyed,
I thank you!

For all you've been doing
through all of my life
and for all you'll do in the years still ahead:
I praise and thank you, Lord,
from the bottom of my grateful,
71 year old heart!



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