Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/19

It's been just a few days, Lord, since I was in Manhattan
where I visited the two acre-sized memorial pools
at Ground Zero...

52,000 gallons of water circulate in those two pools -
every hour, Lord, every hour!

That's 52,000 gallons of water
perpetually washing and cleansing
the gaping wound in the heart of each pool
and filling in the emptiness
in the hearts of us all...

But we need more than water, Lord,
and more than 52,000 gallons a minute of what we do need:
we need your mercy,
we need the waters of your mercy
forgiving us, cleansing us,
washing away our selfishness and sins...

We need the healing waters of your mercy, Lord,
perpetually - eternally -
purifying our hearts and minds,
healing the gaping wounds left by sin
in the depths of our souls...

Let the waters of your pardon wash over us, Lord:
call us to bathe in your mercy over and over again
until we are cleansed and healed of all our failures
and of all that marks us in need of that peace
that is yours alone to give, Jesus,
yours alone, to give...



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