Pause for Prayer: MONDAY 7/2

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Today I offer you thanks and praise for the heat,
for the summer's heat that's finally here,
warming and reminding us that in the end
your light will overcome all darkness
and the heat of your love purge us of sin:
your mercy, a refiner's fire, purifying us
as gold in a furnace...

     And I pray this morning, Lord,
     for those who work the fields in the midday sun,
     who labor for next to nothing,
     to provide for their families by harvesting crops
     to put food on my table:
     shade them with your love
     and let them drink the cool water
     of the springs of justice...

I offer you thanks, Lord,
for my daily walks on the streets where I live,
through beautiful neighborhoods
where trees shade and shrubs border my path
and the soft fragrance of gardens
sweetens the summer air...

     And I this morning, Lord,
     for those who journey in the heat:
     pilgrims fleeing their homelands,
     seeking shelter and safety in a new place,
     hoping, praying to be welcomed by us
     who so easily take for granted
     our security, freedom and liberty...

I offer you thanks this morning, Lord,
for a holiday week, for a day off,
for a summer vacation to look forward to,
for this annual break in routine
that restores and refreshes my soul...

     And I pray this morning, Lord,
     for those who work 3 jobs or more
     just to make ends meet;
     I pray for those who have no vacation time
     or no plans for the vacation time they're owed;
     I pray for those who work so hard to keep it altogether
     for their families and themselves;
     I pray for those who labor and are heavy burdened:
     give them rest, Lord,
     and may their yoke be easier,
     their burdens lighter...

I have so much, Lord, and so often, too often,
I take it all for granted
and I forget that every good gift that is mine
comes from your hand and your heart,
on loan to me to share with others,
with others who have so much less...

In my gratitude, Lord, let me never forget
how blessed I am in all I have
and that you call me, in season and out,
at work and on vacation,
to be attentive to the needs of my neighbors near and far
and gracious and generous in reaching out
to share with them the bounty that is mine...



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