Another tragic chapter in the story...

Of all that I've read this past week on the McCarrick story, these are among the most helpful reflections/reports I've encountered:

By Elizabeth Scalia, blogging at The Anchoress

By Bishop Timothy Doherty, bishop of Lafayette, IN and chair of the US Bishops Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People, in his weekly column (scroll down if a newer column has been published and now heads the queue)

By Hans Zollner, SJ. professor of psychology and president of the Center for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, in an interview with Catholic News Service

By Bishop Robert Barron on his site, The Word on Fire, a sobering voice in the midst of much well intentioned but perhaps hasty commentary.

By Jamie Wolfe, Catholic convert, wife, and mother of eight. author, speaker and a senior editor at Ave Maria Press, in The Pilot.


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