Monday Morning Offering: 2/11

Morning Coffee: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Something I’ve worked on for months now, Lord,
something that’s kept me awake at night,
something that’s dogged me 24/7,
something that’s rented space in my head…

Well, that something is losing its hold on me, Lord,
that something’s in better perspective at last,
that something is almost finished, thank God
- and completed successfully so!

So much have I worried these past six months,
so much have I stumbled and tossed and turned;
how much have I fretted, doubted and feared
that the end would be bleak, not bright…

But this weekend delivered both promise and hope,
this weekend fulfilled and answered my prayers
this weekend revealed what I already knew:
that all shall be well when I trust in you….

And trust I did, Lord, these past six months,
and you came through for me so many times
but too many times my trust turned to doubt
and I bowed to anxiety, worry and fear…

So I offer this morning my hope and my prayer
that I’ll learn to trust in much deeper ways,
that I’ll learn to trust that all shall be well, Lord,
that all manner of things shall be well…



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