Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/12

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They say you have a plan for the world, Lord,
but I’m fairly certain that lots of things 

aren't going according to plan...

And they say you have a plan for each of us
but often I have trouble 

figuring out your plan for me...

And I know that way too often, Lord,
my plans
are not yours...

So maybe today, Lord,
you could help me understand,
if only a little better,
what your plans are for me...

Help me see your plan, your hand,
in my questions and confusion,
in my sorrows and my joys,
in my strengths and in my fears,
in my mind and in my heart
and in all my ups and downs...

Help me be patient in discerning
your plan, your hand, your grace
in the jumble my life often seems to be
- and when I find it, when I see it, Lord,
help me understand your plan
and follow where you lead me...

And I'm sure you plan for us to meet today
so help me make the time, Lord,
to show up for our meeting,
just to sit with you and pray,
- all according to your plan...

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