Monday Morning Offering: 2/4

Morning Coffee: George Mendoza

You know, Lord,
that I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon,
before the Super Bowl is played,
so I don't yet know if its the Pats or the Rams
who'll own the trophy this year...

But I do know that come this Monday morning
there'll be plenty of happy people
and plenty of sad people, too...

I know about that, Lord,
because I've had a lot wins in my life
and my fair share of losses, too:
happy times and sad times...

This morning, Lord,
I want to offer you all my victories
along with my gratitude for your loving hand
in all the blessings, large and small,
with which my life's been filled...

All good gifts come from you, Lord,
so I know that when I'm in the winning column
it's because your hand has guided me, blessed me,
strengthened and graced me...

Thank you, Lord!

And I offer you this morning, Lord,
all my losses and failures,
all my disappointments, large and small:
especially the times when I've failed
because I've tried to make it on my own,
apart from your wisdom and counsel...

For these times, Lord, forgive me!

I offer you the joy of victory, Lord,
and I offer you the pain of defeat:
I pray you'll help me find your presence,
your grace and your blessing in my life
whether I win or lose...

You yourself, Lord, knew the agony of the Cross
before rising up in the victory of life over death:
draw me into the mystery of your dying and rising
that in my victories I might die to my self
and in my losses find the path to new and deeper life...

Whoever wins the Super Bowl, Lord,
Los Angeles or New England,
help all of us put our wins and losses in perspective:
 help us see how victory so often follows
what first appeared to be defeat
and how only by walking the way of the Cross
are life's most important victories won...


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