Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/5

I moved today, Lord,
and I found there's something upsetting,
disquieting, exciting, revealing and  challenging
about packing up one's wordly goods
and moving them all
from there to here...

Things I've taken for granted
suddenly loom large and valuable,
important for grounding me
and making feel at home
even in a new place:
my books,
a familiar, comfortable chair
(actually two),
pictures of family and friends,
the quilt my sister made for me
and the bed on which it covers me...

I'm understanding the need to find
in my new place
some artifacts and hardware from
my old place,
that I might find myself anew
in a house not yet my home...

Be with me, Lord,
move within my heart
and make yourself at home in me....

Settle deep within my soul
as I settle in my new surroundings...

Unpack and rearrange my belongings
in a new way, in a new place
and help me learn again, anew,
what's important, what's of value,
what's worth keeping
and what needs tossing...

Most importantly, Lord,
make me grateful that I have a home,
a home to leave and a home to go to:
let me never take for granted
the gift of a roof over my head,
a safe place to live,
a clean place to lay my head at night
and a warm quilt to wrap me
in memories of other homes
where I've moved and lived and learned,
where I've shared a place with you,
where I've grown in your grace
and in that peace that's only yours to give...

Be with me, Lord,
be around me, within me
and move in me
in ways familiar and unknown
for any place where
you abide
is hearth and home to me...


My new home!

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