Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 2/2

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Lots goin' on, Lord - and some days there's just too much...

I've got choices and decisions to make,
   responsibilities to meet,
      and more desires than I can count...

I've got a job to do, bills to pay and people to care for;
      I've got plans to make and a future to shape;
         I've got a heart to give and a life to live...

So much goin' down, Lord,
   and sometimes I'm so caught up in all of it
      I don't know what to do or where to turn -
         and I'm not sure where it's all heading...

So, slow me down, Lord,
   and let me take a few deep breaths...
Let me find some quiet time, a quiet place,
   to sit and talk with you...

Let me lift up my eyes to the mountains,
   lift my head up out of all my worries, mistakes and concerns -
      even out of the fun times, the good times that can distract me
         and keep me from looking at the bigger picture...

I need to lift up my eyes to the mountains, Lord,
   because I know I need more help than I can give myself...

Give me some quiet time, Lord,
   to come to know the path of my heart's desire,
       not just for today or tomorrow - but for the long haul...

Help me understand what I really want
   from this life that's mine to live and share...

And show me what I have to offer, Lord,
   and what you might ask in return
      for all you've given me...

Lots goin' on, Lord... so much goin' down:
   choices and decisions, responsibilities and desires,
      plans to make, a future to shape, a heart to give, a life to live...

So, when I lift up my eyes to the mountains, Lord,
   hear my prayer and come and help me... 

You who made the heavens and the earth,
   the mountains and the oceans,
come help me make of my life
   the best of what you've given me
      and the best I can offer in return...


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